ppc management services bangalore

PPC advertising is a faster route to increasing website traffic and generating leads than SEO. In exchange for paying each time a visitor clicks on your ad, PPC lets you jump to the head of the line on Google and Bing. With the right budget and strategy, you can obtain immediate high visibility for even the most competitive and lucrative keywords.

We are leading PPC Management Company, possesses unparalleled experience and skills in PPC campaign management. We help your business grow by delivering measurable, cost-effective and quick results.

Types of PPC Pricing Models

  • Charging hourly
  • Charging based on performance
  • Charging a flat monthly rate
  • Charging a percentage of Ad Spend

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay each time their add gets clicked. It is an Online marketing strategy that helps you get traffic for your website instantly. It is also known as Cost per click.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

We take a simplified approach to how we arrange pricing and costs for our AdWords management. With a simple fixed rate based on the scope of campaigns, we can optimize our efforts towards delivering the highest ROI for your campaigns regardless of spend. The true magic that results from a well-managed PPC campaign is not the result of simply spending more or less; but instead, thoughtful insights. We believe that compensation should align with value created, not ad spend or time spent.

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management requires strategic skill and meticulous implementation overseen by way of experienced PPC managers. From key-word research and method to A/B cut up trying out, our professional percent management services constantly enhance your marketing campaign. If you’re wondering why PPC isn’t paying off for you, talk with us to learn why we’re the best PPC agency to boost your lead generation and revenue.

Your ads are the first impression your user has with your brand, but your landing page is your user’s first interaction. We craft custom landing pages that delight visitors, drive conversions, and integrate directly into your CRM.
Building your AdWords campaigns from the bottom up to make sure that each of your keywords, lists, and ad groups are targeted and segmented the right way is a must in today’s business to business PPC market. We focus on lowering your CPA and increasing your ROI.
We develop segmented remarketing campaigns that target users based on their interactions with your website. Our approach focuses on increasing your brand value with quality marketing touches across social, display, search, and more.
We look past the front end vanity metrics like traffic and site visits to dive deep into the statistics that impact your campaigns actual performance. We leverage the best technology in the industry to record visitors, analyze form dropoffs, setup split tests. Our end goal is to increase your return on ad spend (ROAS) and impact your bottom line.